Hello World

I’ve been wanting a place to write about random brain droppings for quite some time now. I’ve felt like it would be an interesting avenue to explore ideas about programming or any other random thing that comes to mind. Writing out more research’y topics will be useful for retracing my steps when exploring new tech for work or fun.

I’ve also wanted to start putting out some of my woodworking projects and since I generally don’t like social media platforms I’d rather put them up here.

The thing that finally motivated me to get this setup was a discussion with my two brother’s Ashton and Terrin over the Christmas break. Terrin, freshly minted from his first semester at college, expressed a desire to continue his blogging which started as an assignment for one of his writing classes at College. Ashton and I had already started plotting to get Terrin on Linux and this felt like another nail in the coffin. He was using Medium which was costing him $7 something a month and this was a perfect usecase for using a static site generator. Netlify offers a nifty free hosting option for it’s CDN service. Seemed like the stars aligned. It was fortuitous because Ashton recently parted ways with Tumblr and was looking for something new. Ashton has been sitting on several domains with the Snelgrove family name. One thing lead to another and we’re here.

Published 4 Jan 2019